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Traditional Handicrafts Centre

A B2B Govt. Recognized Export House that helps deliver quality products to our consumer which has an aesthetic appeal and zero environmental harm.

THC Green Tree Project

THC, Jodhpur is proud to state that over 80% of our products are made of Reclaimed wood. This helps us deliver a quality product to our consumer which has an aesthetic appeal and zero environmental harm.

We source our material from restoration sites and collect the Patina which is over 100 years old. Then the timber is Recycled for example, the ceiling of an old British mill or the old railway tracks are processed to serve as tabletops and cabinets.

But our clients help us the most by buying our products; they help us Reuse the wood and save trees.

We look for clients who share this sentiment, to explore opportunities and deliver the best products to the end consumers all around the globe.

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Indus Valley Crafts: An Enduring Inspiration for Modern Artisans

Have you ever heard of the Indus Valley civilization? Why were they so popular? Yes, you guessed it right. The artistic feature of their wooden traditional handicrafts made them so popular. Till now, the Indus Valley civilization crafts are taken as an inspiration for all of the artisans that curate wood handicrafts today. These wooden handicraft items online symbolize India’s traditional heritage and culture. What makes a handicraft online shop unique is the creativity and skill of an artisan. An artisan is someone who carves all their creativity into their work by adding their personal touch to it. This is why India handicrafts at THC are the most popular choice for our customers.

Buy Durable Wood Handicrafts Online at THC India

THC artisans are trained and skilled in carving traditional culture with a mix of some contemporary styles. Wooden handicrafts are handmade items made of wood from different trees like teak, pine, deodar, and more. They may or may not be created through traditional methods that result in the carving of intricate detailing. At THC, you can buy handmade items like marble décor, clay pots, papier mache, and more.

Why buy handicrafts items online from THC India

Such handicrafts are not just showpieces, it's much more than that, such handicrafts are the ones that tell us our royal history and add an aesthetic appeal to your house. These handicraft items are an epitome of grace and beauty, they are a synonym of glamour and beauty. It is very versatile and can be used for different purposes, from decoration to different types of utility. It’s also passed from generation to generation as a symbol of family love. Handicrafts have a long history and they are the only thing which have been continued from the Indus Valley civilization to now. The designs might’ve changed signifying the culture of that period but what continued was beauty and aesthetics. It can be used for different types of purposes, from decorative pieces to storing things and more.

Designer Handicrafts Items Online for Various Occasions

Whenever you search for handicrafts online or handicraft shops near me on any search engine, you’ll get THC as your first result. Why? Because THC is the only popular handmade industry that curates handicrafts as per your desires. We are the only ones who will turn your dreams into reality. We offer a wide range of choices to our customers so that they can easily pick and choose the style they want for themselves as it’s a matter of tradition and culture for them.

Searching for a "handicraft shop near me" will not only lead you to THC but also connect you with a world where tradition meets modernity in the most beautiful forms of wooden handicrafts. So, if you are willing to buy handicrafts online, then you should not waste time searching for different handicraft sellers. THC will provide you with the quality you desire and will deliver happiness in the required time possible. so, what are you waiting for? Contact us right now!


1. What are wood handicrafts?

Wood handicrafts are products that are handmade and made using traditional techniques. They are carved in a way that can attract anyone and are available in a wide range starting from decorative pieces to multiutility purposes.

2. What types of wood are commonly used in wood handicrafts?

Woods are decided on different things based on color, strength, durability, and versatility. Oak, mahogany, teak, and sandalwood are some of the popular wood choices.

3. What are the different types of wood handicrafts available?

There are a wide range of wood handicrafts available. Starting from furniture, bar counters, and decorative pieces to planters, garden furniture, cine legs, cast iron, and more.

What makes wood handicrafts unique?

Wood handicrafts are unique in different ways as they are given a personal touch by our skilled artisans, they are natural, and their creativity and durability make them more unique.

5. What are the cultural and historical significance of wood handicrafts?

Wooden handicrafts signify traditions and culture as they tell us about our rituals, culture, utility, economy, society, and more.

6. How can I care for and maintain wood handicrafts?

Caring for and maintaining a wooden handicraft is not a difficult task, it’s the same as cleaning other things in your home. Just clean it regularly and avoid moisture and scratches.

7. Can wood handicrafts be customized or personalized?

Not all sellers offer customization in wooden handicrafts products as it needs more effort to create handmade goods as per your desire. But THC offers you customization as we know the importance of your desire and creativity and that’s why our customers love us.

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