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Traditional Handicrafts Centre has always been at the forefront of a transformational marriage between culture and handicrafts. Complementing the same heritage, we sought to uncomplicate a looming roadblock - environmental harm.

We mutated our model in such a way that the base structure is that over 80% of our products are made of reclaimed wood. This practice aids our aim of delivering superior quality products to our clients, which are aesthetic high-rankers but do absolutely no environmental harm.


We source our material from restoration sites and Reclaim the Patina which is over 100 years old. These deconstruction contracts are government issued and monitored, they are auctioned to remove buildings which are no longer appropriate for any residential or commercial activity.


Then the timber is Recycled; for example, a ceiling of an old British mill or the old railway tracks are processed to serve as tabletops and cabinets. For this process, we handpick the material to assure quality and minimum wastage.


Our community of sustainable decision makers only grows by strength when our clients decide to make the choice of buying from us and promoting the Reusing of wood; therefore saving trees.

For Manufacturer

Reclaimed wood offers asymmetry in the products, each item has its own aesthetic appeal. If the wood is purchased carefully then it is superior to new wood as the same has passed the test of time. No human or machine can replicate the patina of such a kind of wood.

For Retailer

They can offer a limited edition product in this industry since the raw material used to make the same is finite. The unique look of the products adds vibrance and excitement to what is coming with every new consignment.

For Customer

They get to take home a piece of history in the form of furniture, they also get to directly contribute to reducing deforestation.

THC Green Tree Project - 1
THC Green Tree Project - 1

THC Green Tree Project

Through the Green Tree Project, we at THC want to promote the notion of afforestation and the use of reclaimed wood. We can do that by simply ensuring that the end consumer is made aware of the good deed associated with his or her purchase.

Green Tree Project is a social initiative through which THC contributes to society and the environment. A percentage of all our earnings are used for various social causes like providing medical assistance to the elderly, educating underprivileged children and planting trees etc.

For our associated clients, we aim to market a product which is environmentally friendly and also tells the story of a furniture production process which delivers quality furniture without the need of cutting trees.
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