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Achieving More
We acknowledge the opportunity and responsibility to contribute and make a change in a way that ensures benefits to everyone as well as the planet.
Our Commitments
Our Commitments
One of the biggest challenges faced by the Indian education system has been expansion without a simultaneous assurance of the quality of education. THC considers it a priority to strengthen the quality of education by organising educational camps for the underprivileged children in Jodhpur.
76 million people living in India don’t have access to proper healthcare. THC works hard to combat this by facilitating vaccination camps across the city, building presidential spaces for patients travelling to Jodhpur and contributing to the Lions Club Charity.
Social Inclusion
In a country with close to 49% female population, as per Census 2011, the workforce participation rate for females is just 25.51%. For decades now, the progress toward gender equality in economic activities seems to have stalled. THC fights against this by promoting inclusion and development through Women Empowerment by being one of the key donators at the Saheli Foundation, Jodhpur. The company has supported their values not just by giving them the latest equipments but also provided monetary benefits.
Climate change can directly or indirectly lead to hunger, water scarcity, pollution and poverty, over varying time frames. It can impact employment and livelihood, limiting opportunities for education, housing and security. It can also cause large-scale migration and displacement as a result of emergencies like extreme heat, floods, droughts and tropical storms. Greenhouse gas levels have not been this high for the past 1M years. This, in turn, has led to temperatures and sea levels rising, ice caps melting and biodiversity shrinking - all at a disturbing rate. THC works to do its part for environment conservation by increasing green cover under the Green Tree Project and preserving biodiversity.
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