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Shri R.C. Gupta

Born in July 1934, at the age of 39 his drive for innovation and his love for antiques helped him take a leap from his government service to the world of handicrafts. As a traveller he explored Indian culture and heritage, to deliver the best-collected stories to our clients in the form of our products. 

He was a man who created an impact in the lives of hundreds through his work and his dedication to the industry. THC enjoys a global market and recognition because of his vision and direction. 

As a beloved husband, a caring father and a respected figure of the society. In February 2015, he left us with a legacy to follow. He will always remain with us in our hearts.
Shri Mahendra Gupta
With our founder’s morals and norms his son, Mahendra Gupta has led THC into new avenues and developed its own furniture and flooring collection. Focusing on his ideology of being authentic, the firm has structured over 80% of its production based on reclaimed and recycled wood. 

He has made THC capable of providing consistency and economies of scale in our product portfolio.
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