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Government Recognised Export House

A government-recognised export house, Traditional Handicrafts Centre (THC) is at the base of pure Indian culture, and the handicrafts that are its byproduct.

We supply our products to those clients and distributors who recognise and celebrate quality. Giving importance to cultural-differentiation promoting varieties, coupled with consistency - by offering a regular supply of product in large quantities via our 60000 sqm area of space and 1500 tonne timber stock. We also offer a premium after-sale service.

We are distinguished connoisseurs of stories that are woven into the heritage of our country, and present it to you in the form of our products.

At the crux of our values is authenticity, and that is the very reason why we have structured 80% of our production on reclaimed and recycled teak wood. We take immense pride in our eco-friendly promise.


THC's focus is to deliver the best quality to its clients and distributors so that they can offer a superior product to their customers.


THC has grown from a Handicrafts Exporter to a Furniture Manufacturer and an Exporter to 50+ countries; offering a wide range of products and designs varying according to different cultural preferences.


With 60000 sqm area of space and 1500 tonne timber stock we can offer a regular supply of product in large quantity.


After Sale Service

We do not restrict our client relations only to the transaction; we work with our clients on analyzing customer demand, developing designs, creating strategic alliances to develop trade and markets.


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