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Published On - May 23, 2024 

Top 10 Vintage Doors Designs for Home

By - Priyank Gupta
Top 10 Vintage Doors Designs for Home


Is there a room without doors? Doors, regardless of size, are a great addition to any building. They function as both an entrance and a barrier, keeping invaders and adverse weather out of our homes. Shutting the doors allows you to create a private sanctuary while keeping the outside world out. Main door antique designs are an essential feature of our homes, but we often disregard them and take them for granted. Here, we will learn about some vintage main door designs and will further conclude by knowing about Traditional Handicrafts Centre, a leading manufacturer of antique door design, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s just dive deeper into the world of old wood door design with one of the leading manufacturers of vintage main door design THC India now!

Here are the top 10 vintage door designs for home

  1. Classic Arabian Double Door
  2. Wood Door
  3. Glass Panel Door
  4. Geometric Wooden Door
  5. Teak door design with glass side panels
  6. Accordian Door Style
  7. Antique door
  8. Main Door type
  9. Bypass doors
  10. Main Door with Teak Veneer Design

1. Classic Arabian Double Door:

The classic Arabian double door is an excellent choice if you're looking for a large antique main door design that will transport you to the Arabian Nights cosmos. From top to bottom, there are four antique door design wooden centers featuring elaborate carvings. It features a stunning gold border and conveys the utmost majesty. As a result, the antique main door handle design is quite fascinating.

2. Wood Door:

One of the most beautiful door designs in the Indian style is hardwood double doors. They have gorgeous or floral carvings on their surfaces, exuding a sense of classic grandeur. These are safe and secure since they are constructed of strong, long-lasting materials.

3. Glass Panel Door:

If you want a traditional, symmetrical, rectangular door, this is one of the best designs now available. The new white chevron glass design emits both modern and timeless appeal. Teak's trendy square hardwood shape appeals to many people.

4. Geometric Wooden Door:

This classic door style is ideal for your home since it features symmetrical designs in vibrant hues. It sticks out among the other gorgeous yet modest doors.

5. Teak door design with glass side panels:

This style is great for those looking for teak doors with glass side panels for their home. It has intricate engraving on the surface. This exquisite and attractive door design would enhance the appearance of your home.

6. Accordian Door Style:

Folding doors that open in pieces save a lot of space. They are an excellent alternative for partitioning rooms and passageways. Its striking appearance distinguishes it and appeals to classical tastes.

7. Antique door:

The antique door design is one of the most basic door layouts that are still in use today. European or Italian architecture transforms and adds style to your home.

8. Main Door type:

This type was made from the finest wood available. They employ a straightforward approach. These are the choices you should make if you want to make modifications to your home without sacrificing its beauty and elegance.

9. Bypass doors:

These doors look great in any interior style since they are so lightweight. These doors are just sliders that overlap and line up parallel with one another. There are two or three grouping options.

10. Main Door with Teak Veneer Design:

These door designs are durable and strong. The veneer combination elevates the quality of these doors significantly. The visible wood pattern is covered with veneers, which are thin slices of wood. These doors can be embellished with intricate carvings of leaves, vines, and other components, giving them a look that blends old and new.


Choosing doors with unique designs from THC India is an excellent way to transform your home, and the benefits go far beyond functionality. THC India is renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and rich heritage, each door is a work of art with historical and cultural importance, rather than simply a barrier between areas. The degree of quality and detail that these doors provide cannot be equalled by mass-produced doors since they are handcrafted with remarkable care by knowledgeable artists who have spent generations to mastering their trade. Traditional antique design doors are often more durable and environmentally friendly because they are made of natural, sustainable materials.  Aside from supporting local artists and conserving cultural heritage, purchasing doors from THC India ensures that traditional crafts are produced and local communities are maintained. The option to customize these doors enables homeowners to select styles that fit both their home's architectural architecture and their personal tastes.

There are several styles to suit every taste, whether you prefer elaborate carvings, eye-catching motifs, or delicate, exquisite themes. Unlike pre-made options, each door adds character and warmth to your home while also telling a narrative. Furthermore, the elaborate construction and finishing processes utilized in these doors frequently contribute to their remarkable craftsmanship, resulting in increased strength and endurance.  Handcrafted doors from historic centers often increase the worth of your home due to their specific creative qualities. They transform your home into a reflection of your passion for the arts and culture, as well as a place to live. It connects you to the history of both the culture it represents and the creator. So, what are you waiting for? it’s the time to buy antique door design from THC India now!


1. What are the best door designs for house?

Geometrical door, antique door, accordian door are some of the best door designs for house. 

2. What are some suggestions for antique doors?

You should buy antique door designs that has used sustainable wood and have traditional designs.

3. What are the best Indian front door designs?

By pass doors, main door type are some of the best Indian front door designs.

4. Where we can find the best door designing?

At THC India, you will find an exquisite collection of best door designing of different shapes and sizes.

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