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Published On - November 24, 2022 
Key Blueprints Famous Indian Architects Use Today
By - THC India

How to modernize India's historical and cultural buildings has been debated more often recently. India's architecture must accommodate its growing urban population while conserving its climate, culture, and traditions. After India gained independence from Britain, cultural preservation became more essential. Let us look at some of the key blueprints famous Indian architects use today.

Hafeez Contractor

Modern Indian architect Hafeez Contractor has changed urban skylines. His consistent view is that architecture should be honest and adapt to the spirit of time, marked by different ideas, missions, convictions, and tastes. The architect strives to build useful and beautiful structures.

Brinda Somaya

Indian architect and conservationist Brinda Somaya believes development should not harm cultural and historical environments. She practices being the consciousness of the built and unbuilt environment. The Indian architectural lexicon of water, light, geometry, wall, and material has run through all her designs for four decades.

Hasmukh Patel

Hasmukh Patel shaped post-independence Indian architecture. His architectural style emphasizes practical problem-solving, aesthetic pleasure, efficiency and balance. Even when sites and funds allowed it, Patel developed utilitarian architecture without ostentatious spaces. His buildings are intuitively navigable with well-defined circulation neatly linked with other spaces.

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