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While our flooring and wall panelling may be constructed entirely from recycled and sustainable materials, it doesn't skimp on strength and longevity. Given its importance, we laboured every detail to make it as functional and beautiful as possible.

Designed and produced at the pinnacle of creativity, every piece has the perfect marriage of an old world charm coupled with the pillars of contemporary design.

Synonymous with leisure, our garden collection is studded with pieces designed to denote the winding down of a busy day. Filled with accent pieces that brim with contemporary creativity - it’s truly one of a kind.

Sturdy and superior in aesthetic and built, for furniture that stands the test of time and taste - take a look at our authentic cast iron collection.

Our creative superiority lies in merging design and purpose and that is what we churn out in our shelves collection. Used for storage, display or decor - each piece is handcrafted and made to perfection.

A modern finesse and a contemporary touch efficiently describe our Cone Legs Collection. With a certain sleekness to its visual, it’s synonymous with aesthetics and high quality.

Incentivized from the requirement of marrying storage with art, was the landscape on which our carts collection was born. An extensive catalogue - each piece is created to seamlessly merge into multi-disciplinary setups.

Each space deserves to be decorated with a personal touch, and undoubtedly there is seldom anything more personal - than something that has no replication. Explore our one-of-a-kind collection for a token of history and heritage that only you’ll ever own.

For connoisseurs who expend their passion to both heritage and sustainability - our recycled wood collection is the paradise found. We deliver superior quality products to our clients, which are aesthetic high-rankers but do absolutely no environmental harm.

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