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Published On - April 25, 2024 

Traditional Furniture Materials: Wood, Fabric, and Beyond

By - Priyank Gupta
Traditional Furniture


In a world full of modern and trendy furniture designs, traditional furniture materials like wood, fabric, and more, stand out and make a difference. In a country where tradition and culture are given the utmost importance, traditional furniture materials like traditional coffee tables, traditional dining tables, and more are considered gems due to their carving, aesthetics, and style.

These traditional furniture materials have their roots in a period when rulers of different kingdoms used to rule us. No matter who the dynasties were, there has always been a strong cultural and traditional influence on people as well as on the art. Taking inspiration from these dynasties, rulers, and their art, THC India has crafted a wide range of traditional living room furniture, like traditional accent chairs, traditional bedroom furniture, and more.

Here in this blog, we will talk about traditional furniture materials like wood, fabric, and more, and we will further conclude by knowing about THC India, which sells beautifully crafted traditional furniture. So, without much delay, let's just enter into the world of traditional furniture with THC India now!

Why you should use traditional furniture?

Rich in artistic knowledge, these artists have deeply observed the arts of different dynasties during different reigns and have mastered those arts over a period of time. These artists now make the exact same copy of the furniture that you want with their rich artistic skills. Over the period of time, the quality of the wood in teakwood, rosewood, and Sheesham has improved, resulting in thousands of repeat orders for traditional furniture.

Use of more vibrant colors: Do you know that an attractive design on any wood is not enough to attract your audience's attention unless and until you fill them with vibrant colors that can easily catch attention and make your crafting more beautiful?

Multifunctional and practical: These traditional pieces of furniture are not only effective in attracting audience attention but they are also known for their multifunctionalities, from storage cabinets to beds to wooden cabinets and more. They are more practical to use on a daily basis as they are designed as per the person’s needs.

Versatility: No matter if you live in a bungalow or in a cozy home, traditional furniture sets can easily fit anywhere. It easily matches your interior design by providing a large range of varieties.

About THC India

We are aware of the importance of furniture in your life; that’s why we work continuously and harder to make your products better. THC India is one of the top manufacturers of furniture in India. Here you will get every kind of wood furniture of different styles, sizes, and wood too.

These traditional furniture sets are not limited to a period of time but can be the greatest partner for your time spent with our furniture, ending up making a lifelong memory. So, what are you waiting for? Order your wood furniture sets now!


1. What are the most commonly used types of wood in traditional furniture-making?

Teakwood, rosewood, sheesham, oak, and walnut trees are some of the most commonly used types of wood for traditional furniture making.

2. How do different wood finishes affect the durability and appearance of traditional furniture?

There is a certain efficiency to wood, and there is a certain quality to wood that also affects the durability and appearance of traditional furniture. If you have a protective finish on your furniture, it will last longer.

3. What are some sustainable alternatives to traditional wood furniture materials?

Glass and metals like iron are some of the sustainable alternatives to traditional wood furniture materials.

4. How does fabric selection impact the comfort and longevity of upholstered furniture?

It is the fabric that protects your furniture from different types of insects and pests, hence keeping up the cloth that is a protective layer for your furniture.

5. What are the best practices for cleaning and maintaining fabric-covered furniture?

Keep dusting regularly, washing the fabrics of that furniture, and changing it at regular intervals. By doing all of these, you can keep cleaning and maintaining the fabric-covered furniture.

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