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Published On - April 22, 2024 

Exploring the Rich Heritage: A History of Handcrafted Indian Furniture

By - Priyank Gupta
Exploring the Rich Heritage: A History of Handcrafted Indian Furniture

India is a country of tradition, rich heritage, and culture. It’s a country where people introduce themselves with the names of their ancestors, through practicing their traditions and culture, and through carrying their legacy from generation to generation. There are many things on this list, but what we are going to talk about today is handcrafted Indian furniture. You must have read about the rich handicraft industry of India, an industry that has exported textiles and furniture to the outside world. Furniture is an important part of all our lives; they are the showpiece of our house, through which we showcase our immense artistry to our guests, so it is important to know about the rich heritage and rich past of our handcrafted furniture industry. In this article, we will talk about the history of handicraft Indian furniture, delve deeper into different pieces of furniture, and conclude further by learning about the Traditional Handicrafts Centre, also known as THC India, in detail, where you can find out about luxury furniture in India. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive deeper into the world of handicrafts with THC India now!

Rich Heritage: A History of Handcrafted Indian Furniture

Initially, artisans craft furniture with the help of naturally occurring materials like glass, wood, bamboo, and more, but today, in the era of science and technological advancement, you will discover that the artisans have gone beyond wooden furniture and are continuously trying to craft furniture of different materials, metals, alloys, and more. THC India is an example of such artistry. Our handicraftsmen are not someone who have learned the skill since birth and is god-gifted with this talent; they are someone who has carried the legacy of their forefathers from generation to generation by doing the same work and observing and implementing the same pattern that their forefathers used to do.

About THC India

THC India is not just a manufacturer of furniture; it’s a carrier of tradition and the dreams of a lot of people around them. We know how important tradition is for you, in a country full of diverse cultures and traditions, and therefore we curate the furniture that is up to your demand, connects you with your emotions, and keeps you remembering the rich history of India. We have a skilled team of artisans who never get tired of curating the best Indian furniture. No matter what you want, whether a  wardrobe online India, sofa online India, luxury furniture India, Indian style bed, or more, THC India will provide you all with the best quality.

So, don’t waste more time roaming here and there looking for different Indian furniture shops when you’ve already discovered the best one. Yes, you guessed it right. THC India is the best for you. The THC India team is dedicated to making your home sweet home with our artistic furniture. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favourite furniture online India from THC India now!


1. What are the historical origins of handcrafted Indian furniture, and how has it evolved over time?

Handcrafted Indian furniture has its origins in the Indus Valley civilization, and in other dynasties, especially during the Mauryan period, the Indian handicraft furniture industry was at its zenith. With different dynasties, cultures, and trades evolving, fashion styles too evolved. 

2. What are the key features and design elements that distinguish traditional Indian furniture from other styles?

Intricate carving, minimal detailing, embellishment, ornate designs, and other designs inspired by its tradition, mythology, and religion are some of the key features and design elements that differentiated traditional furniture from modern one.

3. Which regions of India are renowned for their distinct styles of handcrafted furniture, and what are the characteristics of each?

India is a country of diverse culture and craftsmanship. For example, Rajasthan is a state already known for its vibrant colours, while Kashmiri furniture is mainly inspired by Persian influence and is often done with soothing colours. 

4. What are some traditional woodworking techniques and materials used in crafting Indian furniture?

Teak, rosewood, mahogany, mango wood, brass, and copper were used back then for furniture and were made using some traditional techniques prevalent during that period.

5. How does Indian furniture reflect the cultural diversity and influences of different regions, religions, and historical periods?

Through the use of carvings on furniture that is often related to the prevalent tradition and culture, its style, and its designs, furniture gets affected by its cultural influence.

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